Wide leg pants(4)Right leg-finish

Right leg

round1 Use 2.7mm needles.

Distribute the stitches from your scrap yarn onto several double pointed needles.

Pick up 10sts from the crotch with new yarn. Using a crochet hook makes it easy.

Leave the tail of the yarn 20cm to close the hole with a yarn after knitting the left leg.


(1)Follow the first stitch sinkerloop in the left knitting needle to the right and you will find the stitch. Pick up the loop of the stitch from the back side with the left hand. (make 1stitch)

(2)Then, we knit together the first stitch on the left needle and the picked stitch. (k2tog)

Continue, knitting until the point where you leave 1stitch that was returned from the scrap yarn to the needles.

Slip the last stitch to the right needle.(slip 1stitch knitwise)


(1)Find the yarn that crosses under the first stitch in the next needle.


(2)Insert a crochet needle from under the yarn and pick up the working yarn. Then twist the stitch and move to the right needle. (make 1stitch)

(3)Then you cover the stitch with the right stitch

(It is a stitch that slipped on the right needle).


And then put the marker.

Please confirm that the marker is on the front side of the crotch of the pants.

round2-round60 k33

round61 p33

round62 k33

Bind off purlwise on 3.6mm needle.

Finally close the hole with the yarn tail.
Turn over the pants and sew to the crotch.

Finish! (^o^)/


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