About stuffing of 'Knit doll Keito'

I think there are various kinds of stuffing for knitting dolls.
I will introduce the filling that I use to make 'Knit doll Keito' among that kind.
This filling is a type that swells 4 to 5 times. It is 100% polyester.
The advantage of this fiber is that it is to make a knitting doll shape as it grips and the volume decreases.
While knitting the dolls, fill the dolls with fibers.And I think that if you grasp it like making a figure it will become a human shape.
In addition, put the rolled fiber in the buttocks and breasts and make the body shape.

I grasped and compressed the fiber. Compression by hand 30 times.
Then the volume has decreased.

I also experimented with another type of fiber in the same way. Compression by hand 30 times.This polyester fiber bulges 7-8 times. The change in volume of this fiber was small.

by pompomknits | 2018-01-12 11:48 | Tips & ideas