Spring Breeze Jacket(4)---collar

Collar knit with Wrap and Turn Method
w&t(Wrap and Turn)
1.Keep the yarn in back
2.Slip next stitch purlwise from the left needle to the right needle
3.Bring yarn in front
4.Return the 1sts of the right needle to the left needle
1.Insert the right needle from the bottom into the wrapped stitch
and pick it up
2.Together with the stitches on the left needle(k2tog)

row1 Use 3.3mm needles.
Pick up a stitch with new yarn from the face of the clothes.
It begins at the right end of the collar and picks up 29 stitches.
However leave 2 stitches at each end of the collar.

row2 k29---Wrong Side(WS)
row3 k18,w&t---Right Side(RS)
row4 k7,w&t---WS
row5 k7,w&t/tog,k2,w&t---RS
row6 k10,w&t/tog,k2,w&t---WS
row7 k13,w&t/tog,k7---RS
row8 k21,w&t/tog,k7---WS

row9 k29---RS
row10 k29
row11 k29
row12 k29
row13 k29
row14 k29
row15 k29
row16 k29
row17 k29
row18 k29
Bind off knit wise on 3.6mm needle,Loosely.---RS
Sew the buttons to finish.
Thank you for knitting.

by pompomknits | 2018-01-10 16:19 | Spring Breeze Jacket