Spring Breeze Jacket(3)---sleeves

The right and left sleeves are the same pattern.
I will explain the first round of the sleeve.
The beginning part of the arm hole is explained in detail by *How to knit armhole*. Please refer to that.

round1 Distribute the stitches from your scrap yarn onto three double pointed needles. And join new yarn, Pick up stitches at underarm. (Leave the tail of the yarn 15cm to close the hole with a yarn after knitting the sleeve)

*Pick up the stitch on the right side of the stitch on the left needle(make 1 stitch)
*Then, k2tog the stitch and the first stitch on the left needle.
*Knit to the point where you leave one stitch that was returned from the scrapyarn to the needles.
*Slide the last stitch to the right needle(slip 1sts knitwise)

*(1)The next work begins to pick up yarn under the first stitch of the next needle (make 1 stitch)
*(2)The stitch is twisted.
*(3)and it's to the right needle.
*Then you cover the stitch with the right stitch(It is a stitch that slipped on the right needle)

*Continue knitting to the middle of underarm.
*And,pm(A marker is in the middle of the underarm)

round2 k17
round3 k17
round4 k17
round5 k17
round6 k17
round7 k17
round8 k17
round9 k17
round10 ssk,k13,k2tog
round11 k15
round12 k15
round13 k15
round14 k15
round15 k15
round16 k15
round17 k15
round18 k15
round19 k15
round20 k15
round21 k15
round22 k15
round23 p15---garter knitting begins
round24 k15
round25 p15
round26 k15
round27 p15
round28 k15
bind off purlwise on 3.6mm needle, loosely.

Sew a hole with the yarn tail.

Put the yarn from between the stitch to the wrong side.

The right sleeve was completed.
The pattern of the left sleeve is also the same as the right sleeve.

Continue to next time.
Next time I will show the collar pattern.

by pompomknits | 2018-01-10 16:17 | Spring Breeze Jacket