knit doll bouquet/cat arms(11)

The pattern of the both arms is same.
round1 Please refer to the explanation and several pictures of right leg(7)round 1.
Distribute the 5 stitches from your scrap yarn onto two double pointed needles.
Join new yarn(with contrasting color)Beginning of yarn is the face, Pick up 4 stitches at co(increases).A marker is put in the center of the increased 4 stitches.
You knit while sometimes stuffing polyfill.
round2(1) k9
round3(2) k9
round4(3) k9
round5(4) k9
round6(5) k9
round7(6) k9
round8(7) k9
round9(8) k9
round10(9) k9
round11(10) k9
round12(11) k9
round13(12) k9
round14(13) k9
round15(14) k9
round16(15) k9
round17(16) k9
round18(17) k9
round19(18) k9
round20(19) k9
round21(20) k9
round22(21) k9
round23(22) k9
round24(23) k9
cut the yarn.
Next you knit a hand.
Join new yarn(with main color)
round25 (k3,m1L)3times
round26 k12(1)
round27 k12(2)
round28 k12(3)
round29 k12(4)
round30 k12(5)
round31 k12(6)
round32 k12(7)
round33 (k2tog)6times
Finally,it is 6 stitches. cut the yarn. fasten off.
Continuation is in next time :-D

by pompomknits | 2015-12-04 14:00 | Free pattern/cat