knit doll bouquet/cat right leg(7)

When knitting other parts(pockets,tail,arms,ears), please refer to the next explanation and picture.
Please be careful about looseness of stitch and knit.
right leg round1 Distribute the 14 stitches from your scrap yarn onto three double pointed needles.
Join new yarn.Beginning of yarn is the face, Pick up 2 stitches at co(increases). A marker is put in the center of the increased 2 stitches.
Then k2tog(with the stitch<make one>which you picked with the left needle)
k12,sL1k(slip 1 stitch knitwise)
The next work begins to pick up yarn under the first stitch of the next needle,and makes 1 stitch. The stitch is twisted. and it's to the right needle.
Then you cover the stitch with the right stitch(slip 1 stitch knitwise),k1
right leg round2 k16(1)
right leg round3 k16(2)
right leg round4 k16(3)
right leg round5 k16(4)
right leg round6 k16(5)
right leg round7 k16(6)
right leg round8 k16(7)
right leg round9 k16(8)
right leg round10 k16(9)
right leg round11 k16(10)
right leg round12 k16(11)
right leg round13 k16(12)
right leg round14 k16(13)
right leg round15 k16(14)
right leg round16 k16(15)
right leg round17 k16(16)
right leg round18 k16(17)
right leg round19 k16(18)
Polyfill is stuffed.
It continues next time :-D

by pompomknits | 2015-11-30 14:00 | Free pattern/cat