knit doll bouquet/cat left leg(6)

round70 k14,place the next 14 stitches(right leg) on hold on scrap yarn. A marker is removed.
round71 cast on 2 stitches(increase) A marker is put in the center of the increased 2 stitches. More 15 stitches is knitted.
round72 k16(1)
round73 k16(2)
round74 k16(3)
round75 k16(4)
round76 k16(5)
round77 k16(6)
round78 k16(7)
round79 k16(8)
round80 k16(9)
round81 k16(10)
round82 k16(11)
round83 k16(12)
round84 k16(13)
round85 k16(14)
round87 k16(16)
round88 k16(17)
All stitch is moved to the scrap yarn.
Polyfiber isn't stuffed at this stage.
Next a right leg is knitted.
It continues next time....:-D

by pompomknits | 2015-11-29 14:00 | Free pattern/cat