Shorts&Pants(The right inseam)

The pattern written on July 10 was changed.
k2tog / knit 2 stitches together
ssk / slip,slip,knit

The next process is inseam.
A marker is removed.
Place the next 19 stitches on hold on scrap yarn(Side of the left leg)
It is the right side to knit earlier.
round14 cast on 6 stitches(increase)
And you connect it with the left needle and knit 19 stitches.
Furthermore,you knit 6 stitches which you increase. put the marker.
round15 k25
round16 k25
round17 k25
round18 k25
round19 k25
The shorts does it by the knitting end in this round.
Bind off it with 4.5mm of needle.

The pattern of the pants,Please knit the next round more.
round20 k25
round21 k25
round22 k19,k2tog,k1,ssk,k1
round23 k23
round24 k23
round25 k23
round26 k23
round27 k18,k2tog,k1,ssk
round28 k21
round29 k21
round30 k21
round31 k21
round32 k17,k2tog,k2
round33 k20
round34 k20
round35 k18,yo,k1,yo,k1
round36 k18,KtbL,k1,ktbL,k1
round37~round61 k22(25rounds)
Bind off it with 4.5mm of needle.
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