(16)Right arm/upper&lower arm,palm,thumb

upper arm&lower arm
round1-round35 How to knit the upper arm and a lower arm(round1-round35) is same as a left arm about a right arm.
Please consult a photo of how to knit a left arm.
right hand/palm
round36 k2,m1L,k1,m1R,k4
round37 k9
round38 k9
round39 k2,A marker is removed,place the next 3 stitches on hold on scrap yarn,cast on 1 stitch(increase),k4,pm
round40 k2,kfb,k4
round41 k8
round42 k8
round43 k8
round44 k8
round45 k8
round46 remove a marker,ssk,k2tog,ssk,k2tog
Finally,it is 4 stitches. cut the yarn and fasten off :-D

right hand/thumb
It's changed to a needle with small size.
The yarn used for a thumb is 20 inches.
round1-5 How to knit until 5 round is same as a thumb of a left hand.
round6 k2tog,ssk
Finally, it is 2 stitches
cut the yarn and fasten off,and a thumb is sewn on a palm.
Please stretch the form of the doll at the end. When you do that,your doll probably becomes more well-shaped :-D

by pompomknits | 2015-04-10 09:00 | Keito's body