(13)Left arm/upper arm

Left arm/upper arm

(Distribute the 12 stitches from your scrap yarn onto three double pointed needles.How to knit the 1st round of juncture is same as the beginning of a right leg.)
round1 Join yarn and pick up 3 stitches from the co,k2tog(with the stitch<make one>which you picked with the left needle) ,k2,k2tog,k2,ssk,k2,slip one knitwise (this stitch and the stitch made in the next,ssk)
next,pick up one stitch from loop(make one stitch)stitch is twisted,and it's to the right needle.You cover right stitch on the stitch you moved to the right needle,pm
round2 k13
round3 k5,k2tog, k2,ssk,k2
round4 k11
round5 k11
round6 k11
round7 k11
round8 k11
round9 k11
round10 k11
round11 k11
round12 k11
round13 k11
round14 k11
round15 k11
round16 k11

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