(7)Round 78~95 Left leg

round78 (Divide a body into legs. You increase 3 stitches to a right needle and connect it with the stitch of the next needle and knit it)
Place the 21 stitches on hold on scrap yarn,cast on 3 stitches(increase),k5,S2KP,k13
Left leg
round79 k22
round80 k22
round81 k22
round82 k22
round83 k22
round84 k22
round85 k22
round86 k22
round87 k22
round88 k22
round89 k22
round90 k22
round91 k22
round92 k22
round93 k22
round94 k22
round95 k22

by pompomknits | 2015-03-31 10:52 | Keito's body