(6)Round 61~77 Move a stitch marker

Move a stitch marker
(back center→front center)
round61 k13,pm(beginning marker)

(begin to knit from the center of the front from this round)
round62 k3,m1R,k4,(m1L,k1,m1R),k3,m1L,k4,m1R,k3,(m1L,k1,m1R),k4,m1L,k3
round63 k34
round64 k14,(m1L,k1,m1R),k4,(m1L,k1,m1R),k14
round65 k9,(m1L,k1,m1R),k18,(m1L,k1,m1R),k9
round66 k17,(m1L,k1,m1R),k6,(m1L,k1,m1R),k17
round67 k46
(Cut the yarn and join a contrasting color at the center of the back)
round68 k23(with main color),k23(with contrasting color)
round69 k17,m1L,k12,m1R,k17
round70 k48
round71 k17,(m1L,k1,m1R),k12,(m1L,k1,m1R),k17
round72 k52
round73 k2,k2tog,k44,ssk,k2
round74 k1,k2tog,k44,ssk,k1
round75 k2tog,k44,ssk
(Replace the turn of the stitch)
round76 Replace the first stitch(round76) of the left needle with the last stitch(round75) of the right needle
And let a marker between
Then move the stitch which moved to the left needle to the right,continue k45
round77 k14,S2KP,k12,S2KP,k14

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