(5)Round 43~60 Separate body and arms

S2KP-slip 2 stitches together,knit 1 stitch,pass 2 slip stitches over knit 1 stitch
Separate body and arms
round43 k7,place the next 12stitches on hold on scrap yarn ,cast on 3stitches(increase) ,k5,(m1L,k1,m1R),k9,(m1L,k1,m1R),k5,place the next 12stitches on hold on scrap yarn,cast on 3stitches(increase),k7
round44 k45
round45 k16,(m1L,k1,m1R),k11,(m1L,k1,m1R),k16
round46 k49
round47 k21,ssk,k3,k2tog,k21
round48 k16,S2KP,k9,S2KP,k16
round49 k6,k2tog,k1,ssk,k4,S2KP,k1,ssk,k1,k2tog,k1,S2KP,k4,k2tog,k1,ssk,k6
round50 k33
round51 k33
round52 k33
round53 k5,k2tog,k1,ssk,k13,k2tog,k1,ssk,k5
round54 k29
round55 k29
round56 k29
round57 k4,k2tog,k1,ssk,k11,k2tog,k1,ssk,k4
round58 k25
round59 k25
round60 k13,m1L,k12

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